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2021 *PAMPER TIME* Christmas Box

R 499.00 R 780.00

It's best time of the year and nothing beats resting and relaxing with a sprinkle of Pamper time!

This Box includes:

1. New: 1x  200ml Fresh Cinnamon Vanilla Diffuser by Nali Arc

2. New: 1x 100ml Body Glow Balm - Shea & Grapeseed oil base with Orange Peel oil

3. 3x Trio Sheet Masks of your choice

4. 2x 20g Hand-made Avocado soaps

5. 1x 20ml Liquid Luminous Argan Face Oil 

6. 1x Rose Blend Bath Soaks (mini bottles) 

7. 1x Hyaluronic Acid Eye-Mask